Fuel System Water Removal

Do you have water in your fuel tanks?

Do customers complain of water in their fuel?

Is your fuel flow slow and full of sludge?

Do you routinely test your tanks for water contamination?

We may be able to help!

Moisture is a constant threat to the integrity of fuel and when left in the tanks, contaminants (microbes, slime, sludge and eventually corrosion) are a result. Fuel needs to be checked for water on a routine basis to ensure fuel and tanks are not being compromised.

Testing for water

Confined space/vessel entry is a method in which to clean contaminated bulk fuel tanks but is generally only done when ultrasonic testing is required to check the integrity of the tanks. It is far costlier, more time consuming, can only be done when the tanks are empty and physical entry into the tanks presents a danger that is not necessary in most instances.

The method of water removal we use can be accomplished anytime that the temperature is consistently above freezing and with any amount of fuel in the tanks. It is an effective, faster, safer and less expensive method to minimize the contamination of bulk fuel tanks.

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