Alakanuk Tank Farm Demoliton

The deconstruction of a 250,000 gallon decommissioned tank farm in Alakanuk.

The tanks were cleaned, cut-up and staged for removal from the site. Several tanks were repurposed for community benefit, as discussed with entities within the village.

Frontier Fuel Service technicians have experience from deconstructing many fuel tanks and years of applicable training. Our employees are held to the highest professional standards which translates to an ingrained safety culture, cleanliness, comprehension of state and federal laws and regard for environmental protection.

Decommissioned Tank Farm
Project Starting
Middle of Project
Repurposed Fuel Tanks
End of Project Site
End of Project Staging


The deconstruction of a 55,000 gallon decommissioned tank in Nulato.

Due to the close proximity to structures, the project was conducted with utmost safety. The tank was cleaned, cut-up and staged for removal from the site. During deconstruction, sheet metal pieces were retained at the request of the local school shop class for a repurposing project.

55,000-Gallon Tank
Middle of Project
Panels for Repurposing


Sometimes oil spills are not easy to detect and even a small drip can turn into a big problem over time.

Case in point: over an unknown amount of time, a slow drip caused an unidentified amount of fuel to be dispersed from a fuel tank located next to a structure. Because of the proximity next to a building, the ground saturation was able to follow along the foundation and penetrate deep into the ground, causing additional hazard.

The contaminated soil was removed, replaced with clean soil and remediated according to ADEC regulation. The site will be monitored according to ADEC guidelines until deemed closed.

Contaminated Soil
Soil Removal
Spill Clean Up
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