Spill Response

Sometimes oil spills are not as easy to detect as one would think and even a small drip can turn into a big problem over time. But with proper training and inspections, most issues are caught early and can be fixed with minimal effort. It is far easier and less costly to prevent an oil spill than to clean one up, but accidents do happen.

Rate of Leak Gallons/Year Cost Dollar/Year Cost Tons of Contaminated Soil
Drop Every 10 Seconds 40 $160 150
Drop Every 5 Seconds 80 $320 300
3 Drops Every Second 1200 $4800 4500
Drop Every Second 410 $1640 1500
Stream that Breaks into Drops 8600 $34,400 32,000

Fuel spills and leaks happen at fuel facilities for many reasons from operator error to structural issues of tanks and piping, fuel theft, etc.

Most fuel releases can be prevented through proper training of facility employees, inventory program scheduling and implementation, regular maintenance and standardized inspections with follow-up actions to findings.

If you have found a spill, follow the procedures in your SPCC plan. Frontier Fuel Service can assist with prevention, incident command, site assessments and spill cleanup.

Spill Reporting Placard Nov2017 (245 KB)

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